Mar 16, 2011

Natalie Portman's portrait.

A couple of weeks ago,I saw the film "Black swan".An amazing film!!Natalie Portman acts in it and she wins an Oscar award.She deserves it.She is so talent and intelligent.She always has been my favourite actress since her first movie "The proffesional".So,I decided to make this one.Yesterday,in  afternoon I did it.
This kind of things,"realistic",for me is easy and there is not all the thinking process,creative process that is much more stressful.When you work without references is more difficult.You have to think about lines,shapes,shadows,perspective,ways...Wow!!Too much to process!!
Well,this portrait could be better,even more realistic,but there comes a time when my mind talks and talks about stop,because this kind of art did not bring me anything artistically.That's why I don't make things in this way.It's a road to nowhere for me.
So,there are many people who are known to reach a realistic level in their work,but the funny thing is that if you take away all the visual references that they use,the result is not good.
Be creative!!and you will know how painful,stressful,happy,beauty,'s the way of create.
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