Feb 14, 2011

Valentine's day.

Today is Valentine's day.Well,I don't care much about it.But,I think is better remembering a love's day that something worse.I don't like all those stupid things that newspapers,magazines or tv do.Every year is the same!!Sometimes I think that days like today, all those people who works there,they have a relaxed work day.They don't have to look for news,just they sitting,take a camera and they do exactly the same that last year.Wow,that's so strange.
But for eveyone who adore this day ,I have done this one.I enjoy drawing these kind of lines,fast,almost without thinking,so natural way.
Remember:Look for someone special,or just find her or him(finding suddenly someone special in your life without looking for him or her,I think is better,let destiny or fate plays its game)and love her or him everyday,remembering how much special he or she is.Don't wait until today to buy roses.
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