Oct 31, 2011

The one.

Today is Halloween's night.I would like to go out and have some fun,but there are so many things to do.I have  spent last four or five months(I don't remember it)working really hard,trying to do a compilation of my work and new material to be published.
This one is just a sketch,maybe  I try to do something more with it someday.But the interesting thing in this one,is the meaning.If you see this blog you can watch many drawings filled of details,sometimes there are so many lines that look like a total madness.But that is me,and this drawing reflects that fact.
The way of doing things,the responsibility,the high self-demanding.Perhaps your world is dying or falling down,your relationships vanish, but the art is still there,with the great things and the bad ones.I don't know how to live without art,I can't imagine or figure out live with every thoughts that fight inside this brain.It's tired sometimes.

Oct 26, 2011

Animated Designs.

Here are some art relationed with tv series which I am artistic director and designer.
As you can see in this blog there are different "styles",some are a representation of joy,happiness,sometimes just for kids.But I really enjoy when I do them,like these ones above.Well,I enjoy when my mood is "stable",when sadness is hidden in a part of this body.When that sadness is born,for any reason,it's hard to keep my mind clear and balanced,it's just part of the work.But sometimes there's something strange that makes my mind thinking,I have some friends that they also work in art,some of these ones have lifes full of happiness,as they tell me,but they do things filled of sadness.Strange,really strange...

Jul 25, 2011

3D animated tv series.

Here's a preview of my work in a new tv series.You can see the characters,the background,the animals...this is  my job,being the art director.I design main characters,secondary ones,the city,storyboards,...well, too much work, but the result is great.I wish I can go on working in projects like this,I really enjoy them.

Jun 20, 2011

Illustrated book.

A big one.This is one of seventy drawings I have done for a book that it is waiting for being published.
I hope you like it.

Apr 15, 2011

I drink a toast to the uprising.

No more fake kings,no more speculators,no more dirty powerful banks,no more dumb politicians with lying tongues.
It's a shame that four or five spoiled zombies control the ups and downs of a civilization.I rise up the best of my glasses to the uprising.

No más falsos reyes,no más especuladores,no más bancos sucios llenos de poder,no más políticos con orejas de asno y lenguas cubiertas de mentiras.
Es una pena que cuatro o cinco zombis malcriados controlen las subidas y bajadas de una civilización.Alzo la mejor de mis copas por la sublevación.

Apr 13, 2011

Soaked dreams.

"Wandering between dreams and memories drowned at the bottom of the ocean."

Apr 4, 2011

3D work.

Hi!Here's a little animation of what will be a tv seriesAs artistic designer,I've been designed everything:main characters,secondary character,vehicules,towns,storyboards...
I can't show everything I'd want to.This little girl is a secondary character,the traffic light also.
I'd like to know your opinion.Bye!!

Aquí una animación para una serie de televisión en la que estoy trabajando.Soy el director artístico y bueno me encargo de todo lo referente al estilo,creando:personajes principales,secundarios,vehículos,ciudades,storyboards...
No puedo publicar muchas muestras del trabajo.En este video aparece una niña que es un personaje secundario,así como el semáforo.
Me gustaría conocer vuestra opinión.

Mar 16, 2011

Natalie Portman's portrait.

A couple of weeks ago,I saw the film "Black swan".An amazing film!!Natalie Portman acts in it and she wins an Oscar award.She deserves it.She is so talent and intelligent.She always has been my favourite actress since her first movie "The proffesional".So,I decided to make this one.Yesterday,in  afternoon I did it.
This kind of things,"realistic",for me is easy and there is not all the thinking process,creative process that is much more stressful.When you work without references is more difficult.You have to think about lines,shapes,shadows,perspective,ways...Wow!!Too much to process!!
Well,this portrait could be better,even more realistic,but there comes a time when my mind talks and talks about stop,because this kind of art did not bring me anything artistically.That's why I don't make things in this way.It's a road to nowhere for me.
So,there are many people who are known to reach a realistic level in their work,but the funny thing is that if you take away all the visual references that they use,the result is not good.
Be creative!!and you will know how painful,stressful,happy,beauty,amazing...it's the way of create.

Feb 14, 2011

Valentine's day.

Today is Valentine's day.Well,I don't care much about it.But,I think is better remembering a love's day that something worse.I don't like all those stupid things that newspapers,magazines or tv do.Every year is the same!!Sometimes I think that days like today, all those people who works there,they have a relaxed work day.They don't have to look for news,just they sitting,take a camera and they do exactly the same that last year.Wow,that's so strange.
But for eveyone who adore this day ,I have done this one.I enjoy drawing these kind of lines,fast,almost without thinking,so natural way.
Remember:Look for someone special,or just find her or him(finding suddenly someone special in your life without looking for him or her,I think is better,let destiny or fate plays its game)and love her or him everyday,remembering how much special he or she is.Don't wait until today to buy roses.

Jan 29, 2011

A little sketch.

A new year is here.And this one is the first update of 2011.
I'm working in several projects,but many of them I can´t show them here.Privacy policy.So I've found this one   in an old folder.Below,in others blog entries ,you can find a design with the same character.
I hope soon I can show you my new projects,some they are finished but they are in process of publishing.
Thank you to everyone who follows the blog and who write comments,I really appreciate them.