Dec 13, 2010

Christmas card 2010.

This is the Christmas card 2010.There is a compilation of others cards ,from right to left:2006-2007-2008-2009-2010.
The planet is dying,and all these years things are going worse.Maybe there will be a year when Santa just rest in peace in an empty planet.
Why do governments continue this way?Well,their hands are too dirty trying to get all the money they can.
Recycle.Recycle mind,recycle soul,recycle body,recycle money...
Save the planet.

Dec 9, 2010

My precious love.

"My precious love."There are "lights" brighter than sun's light,even purest.And that "light"helps me in every dark day,when everything inside my brain run confused.
I hope, one day ,I 'm able to capture those" lights",that lines filled of beauty better.I know I can do it much better.
And the only thing I want is protect them from a world ,that each day is more corrupt.I think is necessary believe in those little things,those people,those dreams, definitely everything make you feel alive.
Maybe one day an "Army of Lights" become a reality that "Love revolution" of the sixties.

Aug 20, 2010

New Era.

These days,I'm working pretty hard.Maybe summer is time for holidays,but for me is used to be a busy period of work.
I´ve finished 3 page of a comic,for children.Then I'm developing designs and art for Tv.And I'm working in new stuff,personal work,here is a drawing of a part of that.
I'm trying to make a solid work.It's so exciting the process of create,I'm enjoying a lot.I enjoy with beauty but pain is also a great fountain of inspiration.There is a moment,when all is dark,when the sun is hidden,streets are in silence , with soft music sounding in my ears,I don't belong to this world,just I'm one with my art.

Aug 9, 2010

Eternal Pain.

There are times when I'm between two worlds.Sometimes my breathing problems,makes me feel far of this land.I think that not be able to breathing is one of the worst thing I can feel.
Anyway,I have to live with this illness forever.Luckily,this problem only happens some days.
Well,this one reflects when air doesn't reach easily my brain.When my body is so tired to be standing.

May 21, 2010

Another marine design.

Another marine design,for a turkish web.I like it.Sometimes when days,sometimes months,pass,and I look some designs again,it's when I enjoy more of them.My mind and memory are so bad,I forget almost everything.I look them,every line,shadow and I feel happy.That's when the effort has worthed.

May 19, 2010

My torment.

There's nothing more to say.Madness,sadness,loneliness,heartless...When you lose something,you need-not just a girl-,things like:bravery,talent,brain,yourself...There are one thing that one person can't forget or lose,his "being".The way of thinking,his fights,the way of trying of being better every day.Filling his soul with "important things",to find peace.Time will erase everything with cruelty,just leaving dust.Maybe it's time to change things.

Apr 21, 2010

Marine design for a web.

This is a design for a Turkish web.A game web.I enjoyed so much doing it.There are more designs that in other moment I will post here.I would like to say thank you to my friend Selçuk,thanks for all the freedom you give me to make it.I think when the web is finished it will be great!!

Feb 23, 2010


The first 3 pictures are from a Spanish Tv comercial.
These last months I've been working so hard in storyboards.I've done 10 storyboards for 10 different short movies,some longer than others,but a lot of work and few time.Some of them are done just in 3 or 4 days,just totally crazy.
Here are some examples,three in each sheet but they don't have relation.They are some of the pages that I've done.
Video with the result:
Las tres primeras imagenes son el storyboard para un anuncio de lavavajillas de la televisión española.
En los últimos meses he estado trabajando muy duro en unos storyboards.Es un trabajo que suelo hacer a menudo.Esta vez tenía que hacer 10 storyboards para 10 cortos diferentes en muy poco tiempo,a veces en 3 o 4 días debía tener acabadas las páginas de las que costaban.Una locura.Son en su mayoria para un parque de atracciones en Dubai.
Aquí hay unos ejemplos de ese trabajo,no tienen relacion entre sí,solamente he seleccionado alguna página de algunos.

Feb 19, 2010

When pain destroys beauty.

"When pain destroys beauty",moments fo the day when everything goes wrong.When doubts fill my mind.When it hurts me just breathing.
Here and above are a compilation of "bad times".They aren't finished,those moments I just want to capture what I'm feeling.Some of these ones are from years ago.I just want to show them.
Sometimes the sun's light is blocked by a big cloud.

Feb 6, 2010

Working in some new projects.

These days I'm developing some new illustrations,this one could be part of the so many things that I'm doing.I'm not sure.But I like it and the story for it is interesting.
I enjoy doing my own things,you know,I'm so tired of doing other jobs that burn me like a candle until disappears.