Dec 10, 2012

Cabaret of desire.

Burning in an ice block.Pain running from what I used to be.Names dying in a freezing night,dense as a mirror.Lights,yellow circle lights that watch me without any complaint.
Shadows that they hide very inside of me.Silent screams in the fog,talking to me in this empty flat.
Dragons let their fire vanish in this empty bootle.And the sun still is sleeping...
There is not crown in prince's head,only a chain trying to break his brain.And there is not princess who can help him.

Nov 8, 2012

Crows,Dust,Hearts and a hopeful meeting.

"Crows,Dust,Hearts and a hopeful meeting",in a dark land,with trees made by sad smiles.How many time can you wait?How many full moon nights can you stand the winter rain?
Messages.Sweet messages,eternal love promises hanging in your thin bones...But don't give up.
How many flowers must  to bloom to reach out your peace?Warm hearts shining in ants' eye.Green grass dying as a butterfly,so sad.
Travellers who try to defeat time.Black crows smiling at dawn,singing as a choir of  puppets.They know you,they know what is your desire.Just hold on a little more.They are coming.
And I miss you.

Sep 14, 2012

Underground Spartan Spirit.

Many nights,many days,I walk and walk to get myself out of that dense smelly water.I adore what I am,and I adore everything that my poor life brings me.Quiet,peace,tranquility...mixed with this artistic blood that infects my veins.
I would like to have a huge wall in the streets of a city,I'd like to draw or paint this one,hundreds like this everywhere.To make a path and walking through them,as in my dreams.It will be great and funny.
I think that it's enough for today,the sun will rise soon and there are so many things to do.
Thank's for read these words spitted from a tired mouth.

Jul 20, 2012

Enfant,infantil,children pencil drawing illustration.

This is something full of happiness.This time there isn't pain or cries.I like to be in both sides.Sometimes the happy side,and other times the sad side.I can't just draw or paint one genre.My life is not only one side,there are many different "colors" so my art tries to reflect that thing.But I have to say that I suffer more "downs" than "ups".Maybe it's because undergroung life,miserable life,I don't know.
Well I hope that someday,I wish soon as I can,I could create an album with my drawings,I hope that I find some editorial or publishing house,that would be great.See you!!

Jun 26, 2012

You have to rest warrior.

Sometimes even the strongest warrior have to rest.He has to think about his way of life.He has to think about  where does he want to go.And it's hard to give up his sword,the only thing he always has done in his life.But it's necessary to reach out other things.There are many days that your back is begging you to stop.And that's good,because your back knows everything,it's the only thing that really knows you.Your back has haven a big book all these years,and it has written on it everything you have  suffered, loved, hated,needed...
So warrior,think about your time and maybe you will find the way.

Mar 15, 2012

The Gates of Hell:Skulls,monsters,vampires...

I love to do scary things,you know:skulls,pumpkins,zombies,vampires,all kind of monsters.It's really fun,because you can imagine everything you want and draw it.It's so cool!!
This one would be great as a tattoo,a back tattoo,with some changes of course,but it would be nice.Last months I have some requests by email from people around the world,telling me about If I could design a tattoo.Well,I had to rejected because I had a lot of work,right now I also have many work,but I have been thinking about it and I think it would be great to do tattoo designs.It would be a brilliant help to make some cool work.So my email is on the right side of this blog.

Feb 27, 2012

Different color design/diseños a color.

These two designs are for different jobs.The first tries to be like Marvel comics,with inked shadows and colors.The second one was for a wedding card present company.I prefer the way of the last one.
I share these ones because in all these years I have to do many different things,sometimes works really strange,for people or companies that you never could imagine,but I did them.It's really hard just live of a specific "artistic job".In my case I have to "jump"of film design to comic design,or theatre design to wine bottle design,and many more.It's hard but I'm proud of myself because in every different work I try to do my best.
The worst thing of have to work in different "areas" is when you have to change the little screws of your brain.The best thing is that you can grow as an artist.
I hope you like them!

Jan 23, 2012

All I am.

A new year is here,2012.I hope that many things change this year because I need it.
Well,about this drawing,it's part of a book about Halloween,but unfortunately I had some problems with the editorial and right now I'm looking for another one.If someone can help me that's would be great!!
About the drawing,for me it's one of my best drawings.I have a special care for it.In this one, I think every line  is thought,I remember perfectly the time when I did.This is one of those where I take my time to enjoy,thinking or feeling each line that I draw.
For drawings like this is why art is alive in me.
Force for the new year my friends!!