Feb 27, 2012

Different color design/diseños a color.

These two designs are for different jobs.The first tries to be like Marvel comics,with inked shadows and colors.The second one was for a wedding card present company.I prefer the way of the last one.
I share these ones because in all these years I have to do many different things,sometimes works really strange,for people or companies that you never could imagine,but I did them.It's really hard just live of a specific "artistic job".In my case I have to "jump"of film design to comic design,or theatre design to wine bottle design,and many more.It's hard but I'm proud of myself because in every different work I try to do my best.
The worst thing of have to work in different "areas" is when you have to change the little screws of your brain.The best thing is that you can grow as an artist.
I hope you like them!
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