May 30, 2013

First chapter of comic book Ariane.

Months ago I was doing some sketches for a kind of "comic book",it is not an usual comic book,because there are somes pages that they are not drawn,only text.I think that I made about 200 sketches,some better than other ones,some "faster" than other ones.But I only wanted to tell a story,tell about feelings and show some thoughts of my brain.Very personal I think.
I always thought that is better to publish the things you do,because they are dead in a drawer,share them with people,and if the fate wants that some publishing company wants to publish your work,that's great.
But I like to publish these work here,to see people's reaction,and besides my productivity never stops,I have other jobs to make.I think that it's almost a sin leave this book,"Ariane",that it took me many time of my life,gathering dust.

"Ariane",can be strange,can be very personal,can be illogical,sad,happy...Just a man trying to say the things tattooed in his blood.
Here is the first chapter to download,the pages are not totally finished,they are just sketches.So I excuse if some drawings are not as good as they could be.And also I excuse about my English.
"Ariane" is a first step of something bigger...

          by Jon Puga

            "Ariane.What can I say about her.
             A whisper in the fog.
             The beauty of the beauties..."

Link to download a pdf:'s%20Ariane1.pdf