Oct 31, 2011

The one.

Today is Halloween's night.I would like to go out and have some fun,but there are so many things to do.I have  spent last four or five months(I don't remember it)working really hard,trying to do a compilation of my work and new material to be published.
This one is just a sketch,maybe  I try to do something more with it someday.But the interesting thing in this one,is the meaning.If you see this blog you can watch many drawings filled of details,sometimes there are so many lines that look like a total madness.But that is me,and this drawing reflects that fact.
The way of doing things,the responsibility,the high self-demanding.Perhaps your world is dying or falling down,your relationships vanish, but the art is still there,with the great things and the bad ones.I don't know how to live without art,I can't imagine or figure out live with every thoughts that fight inside this brain.It's tired sometimes.
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